A little taster

We've got the perfect combination of toys for your little ones, from newborn all the way up to the age of four. Variety is a key ingredient in all of our boxes, ensuring children are suitably stimulated in mind, body and senses.  The following images will give you an idea of what a typical box might include.

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0-12 months

Babies go through incredible physical changes in such a short space of time at this age. They already love to play, and there's so much you can do to foster their physical and mental development through play and activity. The toys encourage fine motor skills, visual exploration and grasp reflex.

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1-2 years

Children between 1 and 2 years old go through a period of rapid change. Your toddler is on the move and discovering the world, curious and energetic. They learn to walk, run, climb, jump and speak during this year. It’s crucial that the toys they play with foster a sense of wonder and independence. 

Environmentally friendly toys

2-4 years

During these years, children begin to develop skills like block building, page turning, and button pushing. They become more creative, imaginative and adventurous. Child psychologists have shown that the toys children play with develop certain skills and reinforce certain interests, which could influence future choices.