The Boxes

What can I expect in each box?

Between 7 and 8 toys, books and puzzles, depending on their value and size. A typical box for a 21 month old would include:

  • Learning Lights Remote (Leapfrog)
  • Baby Puzzles - Pets (Galt)
  • Heroes Hologram Stacking Pyramid (Janod)
  • Chatter Telephone (Fisher Price)
  • My First Railway Set (Brio)
  • My Big Animal Book (Priddy)
  • Little Children’s Bedtime Music Book (Usborne)

Retail value: £90.00

Which ages do you cater for?

Pre-school children. 0-4 years old.

How do you clean the toys?

Each and every toy is cleaned methodically using *ECOVER products. Tests demonstrate that 99 per cent of all germs are killed by our cleaning techniques, which makes our toys cleaner than those that you own already.

*ECOVER: Their plant based and mineral ingredients are renewable, biodegrade quickly and completely, have a low aquatic toxicity and they are safer and more caring for your skin.

What happens if my child wants to keep one of the toys?

No problem, we completely understand that children sometimes get attached to a particular toy. You are welcome to buy it from us, please email us directly info@toyboxclub.co.uk.

What happens if one of the toys gets broken or lost?

We are totally aware that there will be general wear and tear. If a toy is really broken or lost, we can invoice you for a fair replacement value.

Why are Toy Box Club toys gender neutral?

It seems to us that it’s all too easy to foist lazy stereotypes on our children. Boys are encouraged to play with construction toys that hone their spacial skills or ones that encourage action and adventure, whilst the toys labelled for girls are often geared towards domestic tasks and physical appearance.

Child psychologists have shown that the toys children play with develop certain skills and reinforce certain interests, which could influence future choices.

To read more on this issue, please go to: www.lettoysbetoys.org.uk

Subscription and Payments

How do I become a member and how much does it cost?

  • Take advantage of our introductory offer and become a member for free (usually £12 a year).
  • The monthly subscription service costs £35.
  • An initial £70 will be charged through GoCardless. This covers the cost of the first month of your subscription (£35), and a £35 deposit. The deposit will be credited back to you as soon as your final box has been returned.
  • Larger items are £10 a month, for a minimum of 2 months duration. Free delivery and collection for monthly subscribers in the Greater London area. Delivery charges may apply for the rest of the UK.

Can I put my subscription on hold while I’m away?

Of course you can. Please log in to Log in to your account and click SUSPEND YOUR SUBSCRIPTION, or contact us.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in to your account and click CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION, or contact us

Is it possible to offer a Toy Box Club subscription as a gift?

Of course, it would make great gift. Create an account in your name and add the recipient's name and address when you start your subscription. Sign up here.

Delivery and pick up

Do you deliver to my area?

For all monthly subscription members delivery and pick up is FREE of charge to ALL postcodes in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland, Scottish Islands & Highlands, Channel Isles, Isle Of Man, Isle Of Wight, and Scilly Isles).

Delivery and pick up in London

Once signed up we shall inform you of when we will be delivering/picking up in your area. You will then be given a daytime (12pm-2pm) or eveving (5-10pm) delivery slot. Our routes are planned with carbon emissions in mind.

Delivery and pick up in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

Once signed up we shall inform you of when we will be delivering/picking up in your area. We use DPD for all national deliveries. On the day of delivery you will receive a text message confirming your allocated hour slot.