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A new box of toys, delivered every month

We're Toy Box Club, a one-of-a-kind toy subscription service for pre-school children.

For as little as £35 a month, we deliver a new box of the best toys and books straight to your door, every month for as long as you choose, or as little as our two-month minimum subscription period.

There's no better way to ensure your children are getting their little mitts on the best and most suitable toys as their minds and bodies grow. Age-appropriate, gender-neutral, fun and educational, the toys are collected at the end of each month when we deliver a different set in one of our 100% recyclable boxes. 

It's a really convenient, space-saving and hassle-free service for parents, and a great little club for children.

Made for Mums Toy Awards Gold 2018

Nothing but the best

Our toys will always arrive in good condition, having all passed through a rigorous cleaning process using non-toxic and bio-degradable Ecover cleaning products. In fact, tests prove our toys are, on average, 99% germ free on delivery. That makes them considerably cleaner than most toys already out there in the big, wide world.

We're also proud to work with only the best European and American toy manufacturers. For comprehensive peace of mind, all of our toys are made by established, recognisable brands that comply with the 2009 European Toy Safety Directive.


UK Bound?

Leave it all behind - we've got it covered


We're proud to work with Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts to deliver truly exceptional and unique guest experiences.


Our Story

Long-time friends Jess Green and Sheela Berry founded Toy Box Club in 2014. The London-based business was born out of a shared experience of raising their respective children, whilst simultaneously drowning under a sea of unloved, predominantly plastic toys.

The negative environmental impact of this disposable toy culture, coupled with the emergence of the sharing economy (think Zipcar, Netflix etc.), was all they needed to set about reinventing the traditional relationship children have with toys.

The result is a brand and service that delivers new ideas and age-appropriate ways of playing every month, keeping children interested and focused, and optimising their physical and mental development throughout those all-important early years. 

Toy Box Club London founders

Jess Green & Sheela Berry

Toy Box Club Co-Founders