About Toy Box Club

Toys under your pillow? In the washing machine? In your handbag? 

A child in Britain has an average of 150 toys, but typically will enjoy playing with just one or two at a time.  Does that sound familiar? And how many of your children’s toys are age-appropriate and developmentally relevant?

Perhaps it's time to re-consider how you think about your children's toys.

You don't have to own every toy.

It's wasteful, it's environmentally unsound, it fills your house with unwanted toys.

Toy Box Club is the solution.


Why join Toy Box Club?

For your children

  • Your child will have access to quality toys chosen specifically to stimulate and encourage their mental and physical development.
  • Having fewer toys at any one time also means fewer sibling conflicts. Children are encouraged to share, collaborate and work together.
  • Toy Box Club is committed to providing gender neutral toys, because we feel it’s all too easy to foist lazy stereotypes on children. It’s now been proven by psychologists that the toys they play with develop certain skills and re-inforce certain interests that can influence their choices in later life.
  • Children learn to take better care of things. Without an instant replacement you learn the value of what you have.
  • Children develop their attention spans and become more resourceful by solving problems with the materials at hand rather than moving on as soon as something becomes challenging.
  • Every month, new ideas and ways of playing arrive in your house, keeping them interested and focused. 


For you

  • The reality is your child doesn’t have to own every toy. A throwaway economy is bad for all of us, as individuals and as a society.
  • As well as our basic boxes, we also offer the large, expensive baby toys that only keep them occupied for a couple of months. You can rent jumperoos, walkers, cookers, cars, bikes, doll prams, model railway sets etc.
  • Never have to worry about getting rid of infuriating packaging, and finding the correct batteries. All our toys are fully assembled.
  • We all have less space than we thought we would; over the past decade the size of the average UK house has decreased by two square metres.
  • We aim to be as convenient as possible, while remaining environmentally aware. Therefore, your delivery day depends on where you live, as we only visit an area once a week, you will then be given an evening delivery slot between 6 and 10pm.
  • Our boxes are 80% recycled and 100% recyclable and all toys are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before they are re-boxed. Tests demonstrate that 99 per cent of all germs are killed by our cleaning techniques, which makes our toys cleaner than those that you own already.
  • In 2011, Time Magazine crowned ‘collaborative consumption’ one of ten ideas that will change the world. Think of Zipcar, Netflix, Spotify, OneFineStay, rentmyitems.


Come and join us. We are the future.


In partnership with

Pioneers of green science, Ecover, put the clean in cleaning. Inspired by the cleverness and efficiency of nature, we use the power of plant-based and mineral ingredients to bring you a cleaner clean. Petroleum-based ingredients are shown the door. Sustainable and naturally-derived are welcomed with open arms. In everything we do, from raw materials to the roof on our factory, we consider the impact on both the environment and the community. Even with a 30 year head start, we're still innovating new and effective ways to clean, helping people live a more sustainable way of life for the future.

Our Promise


We only work with the best European and American toy manufacturers. All our toys are made by established, recognisable brands, that comply with the 2009 European Toy Safety Directive.


Our toys will always reach you in good condition. They will have passed through a thorough cleaning process and tests prove that our toys are, on average, 99% germ free, which makes them considerably cleaner than most toys you already own.


We will do our best to be ethically and environmentally aware. Our cleaning products are non-toxic and bio-degradable; our boxes are recycled and recyclable and our delivery as efficient as possible.